Every Student Succeeds Act will allow you to replace one horrible test with an equally-horrible nationally-recognized one like the SAT or ACT; start using MULTIPLE accountability measures so we can get even MORE data, including soft skills; and incorporate performance assessments which will hasten the shift to competency-based education.

Parents, students and educators despise end-of-year standardized tests, but technology and venture capital interests aren’t about to let go of data-driven instruction. Instead, our plan is to make you feel heard and begin to phase out the single BIG test. We’ve worked closely with elected officials to craft flexibility under ESSA. We’ll also encourage you to use lots of smaller tests that will appear to answer concerns about having real-time, actionable information and reduce student stress. Student Data will belong to our corporate vendors, because it can be used to assess education impact investments and determine education data futures markets. Derivatives require dynamic data, so we’re really pleased that we were able to get this flexibility embedded into ESSA. In the end, it will give us even more of what we want and that is data on your children.