The system demands granular data on individuals, not only what a person knows and what skills they have, but also who they ARE and how they operate in the world. For that reason, we’ve decided to shift to online learning lockers or e-portfolios. Once Blockchain is set up for educational records, we’ll be able to hold an infinite amount of data.

21st-century education is about preparing human capital for an uncertain economy where students are expected to hone their personal brand from an early age so they can out-compete their peers. Those of us in human resource management are aiming to design an educational system that will flow uninterrupted from pre-k through college and into the workforce. We’ll call it “lifelong learning” to make you more comfortable with the idea.  Report cards and diplomas may have served the twentieth-century “factory model” of education, but they are entirely too vague for today’s needs. No, we need precision to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff. How will we know whom to hire if we can’t review a person’s academic and behavioral record from their earliest years? We’ll tell you it’s secure, although we know the vulnerabilities. Your record will be permanent and exhaustive in detail, just like we like it.