Those of us running the system want to ensure children from a very young age are raised to believe that with the proper growth mindset they will enjoy a stable future. Hard work and discipline will be their ticket to success. If they have strong character, persistence, and grit that should suffice. Not being afraid to fail, when the entire system sets you up for one failure after another, is a sought after trait.

We are living in an irreparably broken economic system that concentrates resources and power in the hands of a few at the expense of the many. To maintain this system we need everyone to believe that if they simply work hard enough, they will eventually come out ahead. The idea that the system itself must be changed is anathema.

As long as people stay focused dealing with the chaos of their own situations, they will not have the capacity to connect with one another, recognize their shared struggle and organize to change society in any revolutionary way. Efforts remain isolated and cannot gain traction when everyone is looking out for their own interest. For that reason our approach to social emotional learning in schools will concentrate on the individual. We will monitor how students do or do not meet our behavioral expectations. That data will help us determine an appropriate place for students within in the economic system (or not). Given anticipated workforce instability, matching the right behavioral profile to a given job will be key.