America Institutes for Research: Website

Carnegie Mellon University ArticuLab: Website and Human Computer Interaction Institute: Website

Carnegie Mellon Global Learning Council: Website

Center for Innovation in Education, University of Kentucky: Website

CREDO Stanford: Website

CIRCL Center for Research in Cyber Learning: Website

Columbia University Teacher’s College Center for Benefit-Costs Studies of Education: Website

Georgia Institute for People and Technology iPAT: Website

North Carolina State University Fridy Institute: Website

Harvard University Education Innovation Lab: Website

Harvard Education Redesign Lab: Website

Harvard Strategic Data Project: Website

Hunt Institute: Website

MIT Affective Computing Group: Website

Notre Dame Emotive Computing Lab: Website

NYU Neuroscience and Education Lab: Website

Penn State Center for Online Innovation in Learning COIL: Website

SRI International: Website and Center for Technology in Learning: Website

Stanford Graduate School of Business Behavioral Lab: Website

Stanford Graduate School of Education / Stanford Center for Assessment, Leanring and Equity (SCALE): Website

Stanford MediaX: Website

Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab: Website

Stanford University Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute H-STAR: Website

Technology in Early Childhood Center (TEC), Erikson Institute: Website

University of California Irvine Individualized Student Learning Lab: Website

University of Los Angeles CRESST: Website

University of Memphis Institute for Intelligent Systems: Website

University of Pennsylvania Center for Learning Analytics: Website

University of Southern California Institute of Creative Technologies: Website and Information Sciences Institute: Website

University of Southern California Center for Human Applied Reasoning and the Internet of Things (CHARIOT): Website

University of Wisconsin Madison Games+Learning+Society: Website