Prolonged austerity is creating conditions whereby venture capital, through public-private partnerships, will begin to provide more and more public services. This will be accomplished through impact investments, Pay for Success programs, and social impact bonds. Digital platforms will be used to generate the data by which these investments will be evaluated. The emphasis on digitization and big data will continue to dehumanize public education. The entities below are part of this shift, which was initiated by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2007. For additional background see the following:

Tim Scott’s Social Impact Bonds: The Titans of Finance as the Altruistic Merchants of Schooling and the Common Good from Dissident Voice, November 2, 2016 and also Impact Investing and Venture Philanthropy’s Role in Sowing the Seeds of Financial Opportunity from Dissident Voice February 17, 2017.

What You Should Know About “Pay for Success” as Testing Season Approaches, Why Global Finance Needs Our Schools to Fail, and Reinventing Public Education for Impact Investing by Wrench In The Gears.

Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy, UPenn: Website

America Forward: Website

American Enterprise Institute: Website and Moneyball for Education

Arnold Foundation: Website

Atlantic Philanthropies: Website

B Analytics (GIIRs): Website and  B Lab: Website

Ballmer Group: Website

Bank of America: Website

Bloomberg Philanthropies: Website

Bridges Fund Management (Formerly Bridges Ventures): Website

Bridgespan Group: Website

California Education Policy Fund: Website

Center for Law and Social Policy: Website

CLASP-Center for Law and Social Policy: Website

Connecticut Center for Social Innovation: Website

Corporation for National and Community Service (Social Innovation Fund): Website

Council for a Strong America (StrongNation): Website

Duke University Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship: Website

Emerson Collective Website and XQ Superschool Program: Website

Evidence-Based Policy Making Collaborative: Website

Federal Reserve Bank of San Fransisco: Website

Ford Foundation: Website

FSG Consulting: Website

G8 Social Impact Investment Task Force: Website

Georgetown Beeck Center: Website

Goldman Sachs: Website

Harvard University Kennedy School Government Performance Lab (Social Impact Bonds): Website

IBM Center for the Business of Government: Website

ideas42 (formerly Behavioral Ideas Lab): Website

Impact for Education: Website

Institute for Child Success: Website

J. P. Morgan Chase: Website

James Irvine Foundation: Website

MaRS Centre for Impact Investing (Canada): Website

Mission Investors Exchange: Website

MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy: Website

MRDC: Website

NESTA (UK): Website

New Profit: Website

Non Profit Finance Fund: Website

Omidyar Network: Website

Parthenon EY: Website

Pay For Success Lab, University of Virginia: Website

Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative: Website

Pritzker Family Foundation: Website

Project Evident: Website

QBE Insurance Group (Australia): Website

ReadyNation: Website

Results for America: Website

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Website

Rockefeller Foundation: Website

SOCAP (Social Capital Markets): Website

Social Finance: US Website, UK Website

Social Impact Exchange: Website

Social Innovation Fund: Website

Social Innovation Research Center: Website

Sorenson Impact, University of Utah: Website

Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society-Global Innovation for Impact Lab: Website

Stanford Graduate School of Business Center for Social Innovation: Website

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Website

Strivetogether: Website

Third Sector Capital Partners: Website

Third Way: Website

Tides Foundation: Website

University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business Social Impact Initiative: Website

Urban Institute: Website

USAID: Website

WestEd: Website

World Bank: Website

World Economic Forum: Website