Venture capitalists put money into social programs (like education, foster care, prison recidivism) and get paid with added profit when performance targets are met.  Runs on big data, to demonstrate “impact” and “efficacy” and show that profitable “solutions” (largely online) are “evidence-based.

Honestly, we oligarchs have accumulated so much money we’re having a tough time finding new investment opportunities. The number we did on the housing market was a doozy, and it took us a few years to come up with a new trick. But we’ve been thinking long and hard about it with the Rockefeller Foundation, and our new plan is to “do well by doing good.” Since governments are short on money, because we’re so good at ducking our tax bills, we’ve decided to pitch public-private partnerships as the solution to funding for public programs.

Going forward, your education, health care and mental health services will be increasingly mediated through digital devices. We need that data to justify our investments, and you can be sure we’ll pressure everyone using those services to provide it. Direct access to human service providers will be limited, since they’re less reliable in providing the data. But hey, that’s a small sacrifice for fiscal prudence. It goes without saying we’ll also define terms of “success” in ways that work best for our interests since we have all the best lawyers setting up the partnership agreements. You’re ok with that aren’t you?