Regionalization / Consolidation: Consolidation is a tool to create more efficient markets for education impact investments. Small districts, strapped for funds and often under threat of take-over for low scores, are increasingly forced to trade local control for the opportunity to cost-share with nearby communities.

That suits us just fine since it means there are fewer school board elections for our PACs to get involved with. Education Service Agencies are key players in this enterprise and operate in over 80% of public school districts in the nation. These entrepreneurial organizations have historically provided support in the areas of professional development and special education. They are now moving into the delivery of 21st century education services, namely cyber education and work-based learning opportunities. Both activities complement the Ed Reform 2.0 agenda. Because ESAs operate within the “public education” framework, they are perceived of as a more palatable and value-oriented option than cyber charter schools, many of which have records of financial impropriety.