Data collection ramped up to track social-emotional learning, behavioral traits, and mindsets. We have a number of techniques including gamified and avatar-based online programs lined up to make collection of this data more palatable. Efforts are being spearheaded by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic Social Emotional Learning) whose financial support comes from numerous foundations with ties to social impact investing and digital curriculum.

Over the past fifteen years we’ve systematically transformed schools into toxic learning environments through punitive testing, data walls, and developmentally inappropriate standards. Now that so much damage has been done, our next step is to “fix” children by adding a new layer of accountability and measurement.  You’ll hear “whole child” and likely think we intend to address our past mistakes and care for the children that have been harmed, but in reality we are only interested in the “whole child” as it pertains to the ways in which they can be commodified to generate data for our social impact investments.